“SOMEDAY” you’ll see my worth

Someday by Nina is my favorite official pinoy music song because the lyrics in the song that she composed it gives me shiver and I can feel that what she had experienced in the past gets through to my heart. The way she sang the someday had a soulful voice and you can feel the pain through it.


Treasured “MEMORIES”

April 27, 2017 — Molave, Zamboanga del Sur

Happy Fiesta Molavenians!

We went to Molave to celebrate their fiesta, enjoying the rides and eat lots of food. We savor every moment as a teenager living young, wild and free. This is the one of the best memories that I had with my beautiful and kind friends. And it is my first time to celebrate the fiesta with my friends hanging out at our house.




 Amusement Park of Molave


“While you were young live your life to the fullest, treasure memories and be happy all the time”.







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